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Eric Le Bourhis.
Principal Editor: Physical properties of materials.

Eric Le Bourhis taught for two years in a secondary school in Lima (Peru). On return to France in 1991, he prepared a PhD at Paris VII University between 1991 and 94 when he started investigations of the thermo-mechanical properties of semiconductors.

In 94, he joined Evry University for 1 year as an assistant professor and then joined the Saint Gobain Research and Development (R&D) team at Aubervilliers for 4 years as an engineer. During this industrial period he applied contact mechanics to the glass surface and to the coatings that are developed for glazing.

He joined Poitiers University in 1998 where he has been a professor since 2002. Since 98, he has pursued an activity to promote sol-gel hybrid coatings in close collaboration with Glass industrial manufacturers while his other research activity focussed on the mechanical properties of thin-films and nanostructures. He recently published a book covering these fields with Wiley (Glass: Mechanics and Technology, Wiley, 366 pages, Oct. 2007, www.wiley-vch.de/).