List of active editors per Domain.

Site Editors:

Jean Philibert.
Site Editor.

Jean Philibert has been working in many fields of Metals and Ceramics, first as a research scientist with the French Research Institute for Steel Research, and later as a director of CNRS and University laboratories. He has been teaching Metallurgy and Materials Science for many years, has been involved in the organization of several Summer Schools and in the publication of several text books, either as an author or co-author or as an associate editor. He was awarded in 1999 the Acta Materialia Gold Medal.

Daniel Monceau.
Site Editor.

Daniel Monceau is a Senior Scientist at CNRS at the CIRIMAT laboratory (CNRS-INPT-UPS) in Toulouse, France. His current research is focused on high temperature oxidation of metals, and more generally on degradation and protection of high temperature materials. His activity is centred on research with about 70 published papers in international journals, nevertheless he has always been fascinated by the scientific education, for example as the author of softwares including Ca.R.Ine Crystallography.

Editors for each domains:

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  1. Corrosion
    Principal Editor:
    • Philippe Marcus
  2. Crystallography
    Principal Editor:
    • Daniel Chateigner

    Editorial Committee:
    • Terry Alford
    • René Guinebretière
  3. Diffusion and transport of matter
    Principal Editor:
    • Jean Philibert

    Editorial Committee:
    • Jean Bernardini
    • Jean-Louis Bocquet
    • Boris Bokstein
    • Marek Danielewski
    • Peter J. Goodhew
    • Dave Gupta
    • Andriy Gusak
    • Alan Lidiard
    • Yves Limoge
    • Witold Lojkowski
    • Yuri Mishin
    • John E. Morral
    • Graeme Murch
    • Hideo Nakajima
    • Bernard Pieraggi
    • Gary Purdy
    • Antonio Sabioni
    • Richard Sisson
    • Nicolas Stolwijk
    • Istvan Szabo
    • Frans Van Loo
  4. General metallurgy
    Principal Editor:
    • Jean Philibert
  5. High temperature oxidation
    Principal Editor:
    • Bernard Pieraggi

    Editorial Committee:
    • Sébastien Chevalier
    • Hugh E. Evans
    • Ulrich Krupp
    • G.H. Meier
    • Daniel Monceau
    • Djar Oquab
    • Michael Schütze
    • Vladimir Tolpygo
  6. Materials and process selection
    Principal Editor:
    • Yves Bréchet

    Editorial Committee:
    • Jean Philibert
    • Luc Salvo
  7. Materials characterization
    Principal Editor:
    Editorial Committee:
    • Cécile Genevois
    • Xavier Sauvage
  8. Materials production
  9. Mechanical properties of materials
  10. Metallography
  11. Physical properties of materials
    Principal Editor:
    Editorial Committee:
    • Gilles Patriarche
    • Pierre-Olivier Renault
  12. Plasticity
  13. Powders and sintered materials
  14. Terminology, dictionaries and translations
    Principal Editor:
    • Jean Philibert
  15. Thermodynamics and phase transformations
  16. Multimedia and teaching
    Principal Editor:
    • Julitte Huez