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Latest addition.

04/08/10 » A few new book references in the Books Ref. page.

08/07/10 » An very interesting document on the symmetry written by Jean Philibert La symétrie dans la nature, dans la science et dans l’art (PDF format, 10 MB, in french). In thermodynamics and phase transformations, phase transitions can be seen as rupture of symmetry.

17/06/09 » A new document Une introduction aux transformations de phases à l’état solide (in French), from Pierre Guyot of the Institut Polytechique de Grenoble has been added and can be downloaded in the Documents page.

17/03/08 » A new document: Grain-boundary segregation in an N18 nickel-based superalloy has been added to the Documents page as well as a link to the Ecole thématique CNRS in the Links page.

14/04/07 » One book reference in the Books Ref. page and one PDF document to download in the Documents page.