Books References.

Some books on GLASS

  1. D.G. Holloway
    The physical properties of glass
    The Wykeham Science Series, London 1973, 217 pages
    This book offers a comprehensive overview of the physical and mechanical properties of glass.
  2. J. Zarzycki
    Les verres et l’état vitreux
    Masson, Paris 1982, 391 pages
    This book covers all aspects of glass science, with extensive details regarding glass structure, diffusion, electrical, optical and thermal properties, rheology and glass fracture. A last chapter treats of glass processing. There is an English translation:
    Glasses and the vitreous state,
    Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1991.
  3. J. Zarzycki (Editor)
    Glass and Amorphous Materials,
    Materials Science and Technology, a comprehensive treatment, edited by R.W. Cahn, P. Haasen, E.J. Kramer, Vol 9
    Wiley, VCH, 1991, 797 pages
    This collective book proposes an encyclopaedic approach of glasses structure, behavior and properties, technology. The different chapters are written by specialists of the field. One will read with interest the chapter from Pr. Cable which offers an extended historical approach of glass technology.
  4. R.H. Doremus
    Glass Science,
    Second edition, Wiley 1994, 339 pages
    This is a scientific monograph covering all aspects of glass science: glass formation and structure, diffusion and reaction of gases, rheology, electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical properties.
  5. J. Barton, C. Guillemet
    Le Verre, Science et Technologie
    EDPSciences, 2005, 440 pages
    This book in French approaches both science and technology of glass. All aspects of glass science are considered encompassing glass structure, diffusion, electrical, optical and thermal properties, rheology and glass fracture. Extensive details on glass processing are given (flat glass, fibres, containers) with a perspective of the past and to-day practices.
  6. J. Barton
    Verres et Vitrocéramiques, 168 pages, 169 references,Chapter 5 og:
    Céramiques et Verres, Principes et Techniques d’Elaboration, J-M. Haussonne, Claude Carry, Paul Bowen, James Barton, Traité des Matériaux, Vol 16
    Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes, Lausanne 2005.
    The contents is similar to that of Barton and Guillemet book., and covers essentially oxide glasses,( just a few pages on vitrocerams, chalcogenide and metallic glasses).
  7. E. Le Bourhis
    Glass, Mechanics and technology
    Wiley VCH, 2008, 366 pages
    This book approaches both science and technology of glass with a focus on mechanics (rheology, contact strength and fracture) that governs glass performance. This textbook gives a comprehensive approach to glass mechanics taking constant care to keep as close as possible to the applications.

Complementary list

  1. G.O. Jones
    Methuen’s monographs on physical subjects, Methuen & Co. LTD, London, 1956, 116 pages
    This is a short overview of glass science. Published some time ago, it still offers a nice survey of main behaviors of glasses.
  2. H. Scholze
    Glass: Nature, Structure, and Properties
    Springer-Verlag, New York, 1991.
    This book offers a large collection of properties for different of glass systems and is of much help today for in-depth documentation.
  3. H. Aben, C. Guillemet
    Photoelasticity of glass
    Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1993, 255 pages
    This book focuses on an interesting photoelastic property of glass that allows for the visualization of mechanical loading of glass objects as well as determination of the stresses level for the industry.
  4. G.W. Scherer
    Relaxation in glass and composites
    Wiley Interscience, USA, 1996.
    A comprehensive book for a survey of relaxations in glasses.