Transmission Electron Microscopy.

  1. Bright field image showing nanoscaled Nb filament in a copper wire.

    Solid state amorphization in cold drawn Cu/Nb wires.
    X. Sauvage, D.H. Ping, D. Blavette, K. Hono, Acta. mater., vol. 49, pp 389-394, 2001

  2. Bright field image showing nanoscaled cementite lamellae in a cold drawn pearlitic steel.

    Microstructure evolutions during drawing of a pearlitic steel containing 0.7 at. % copper.
    X. Sauvage, N. Guelton, D. Blavette, Scripta mater., vol. 46, pp 459-464, 2002

  3. Bright field image of a nanoscaled Al/Ni multilayer.

    Non-equilibrium intermixing and phase transformation in severely deformed Al/Ni multilayers.
    X. Sauvage, D.G. Dinda, G. Wilde, Scripta Mater 56 (2007) 181-184

  4. Bright field image showing cuboidal precipitates in a NiV alloy.

    Selective variant growth of DO22 precipitates in Ni-V alloys.
    H. Zapolsky, X. Sauvage, R. Patte, S. Ferry, D. Blavette, L.Q. Chen, Proceedings of Solid-to-solid phase transformations in inorganic materials 2005, Phoenix AZ June 2005, TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society) vol. 2 (2005) 783

  5. Bright field (a) and dark field (b) images of a nanoscaled CuCr composite.

    Nanostructure and properties of a Cu-Cr composite processed by severe plastic deformation.
    X. Sauvage, P. Jessner, F. Vurpillot, R. Pippan, Scripta Mater 58 (2008) 1125-1128.

  6. Bright field image showing dislocations in a AlMg alloy (or 5251).
  7. Bright field image of Al_2 CuLi precipitates (T1) in a AlCuLi alloy (or 2198).
  8. Dark field image of Al_2 CuMg precipitates (S’(S)) in a AlCuMg alloy (or 2024).

    Quantitative investigation of precipitation and mechanical behaviour for AA2024 friction stir welds.
    C. Genevois, A. Deschamps, A. Denquin, B. Doisneau-Cottignies, Acta Mater 53 (2005), 2447-2458