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  • Software for teaching materials processing and Diffusion Penn State University "Random Walk" program also available. Download after receiving a password from Prof. S.E.Mohney

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MATTER project.
MATTER is a CD "Materials Science on CD-ROM" which contains (among many other topics) an interactive simulation of various diffusion situations.  The details are to be found on the MATTER web site. PC and Mac compatible software. Interactive simulations of many aspects of materials science. Intended to be a teaching aid, not a lecture replacement. Diffusion related module = "Atomic Diffusion in Metals and Alloys". See also: "Introduction to Point Defects". Situations simulated are: bimetallic interdiffusion; clustering; ordering. Available from: Liverpool University Press. (info from Peter Goodhew and J. Philibert).
M.E. Glicksman and A.O. Lupulescu teaching modules.
These modules were developed as adjunct classroom material to be used with the textbook: Diffusion in Solid, Field Theory, Solid-State Principles, and Applications, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York 2000. The modules, to date, have been tested with students during a one-semester course that included 22 out of the 24 modules provided. If computer projection is used, the animated sequences will operate in the View Show mode. Acceptance was high among the graduate students registered for the course. The students included majors studying materials, chemical, and mechanical engineering, geology and physics. Students particularly liked the addition of detailed exercises that require use of mathematical software, and the occasional use of Java applets from the World Wide Web.The authors feel that these modules will work well both in the classroom, as well as in a studio setting for "distance learning". M.E. Glicksman, A.O. Lupulescu.Troy, New York, December, 2001.

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