Graphics and programs.

  • Andrei Gusak's student projects (Cherkassy, Ukraine).

    Some examples of tasks for students and results of their modeling. Students obtain only the basic, starting algorithm. According to this algorithm, they write a program. They also obtain a task to change the algorithm (and then a program) in different alternative directions. These are two examples of such problems with developments.

  • Auto diffusion et migration des défauts d'équilibre dans le quartz alpha (French).
  • Precipitation of niobium carbide in a steel for the automotive industry (English and French, Français et Anglais).
  • Computer laboratory works on Physical Chemistry, B.S. Bokstein, M.I. Mendelev Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute (024), Moscow.
  • Interdiffusion: Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Diffusion: Monte-Carlo simulation.
  • Tutorials on Mass Transport.

    Contains four interactive tutorials on Mass Transport. Each tutorial consists of a number of worked examples, illustrations and animations on a specific topic. The tutorials are self-contained in the sense that one should be able to complete the tutorials based on the explanations provided therein.