Computer laboratory works on Physical Chemistry.

B.S. Bokstein
M.I. Mendelev, Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute , Moscow, 117936, Leninsky 4, Russia.

The computer laboratory works presented below are the part of text-book "Physical Chemistry. Short course with computer-assisted control" written by B.S.Bokstein, M.I.Mendelev (Moscow, CheRo, 1999). The text-book involves lectures, computer tests, problems with detailed solutions and computer programs for laboratory works (home tasks). This book gives to an undergraduate student the possibility to study physical chemistry by using personal computer for testing and modelling of the processes, to choose the most effective own way and the rate of training. The text-book has 13 printer's sheets and involves the following chapters:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Thermodynamics Laws.
  3. Phase Equilibrium.
  4. Thermodynamic Theory of Solutions.
  5. Chemical Equilibrium.
  6. Surface Phenomena.
  7. Kinetics of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Chemical Reactions.
  8. Irreversible Thermodynamics.
  9. Diffusion in Metals.

The computer tests contain 400 questions (many of them have the prompting) and 2000 alternative answers. The text-book involves the following computer laboratory works (M.I. Mendelev):

  1. Determination of Carbon Activity in Austenite.
  2. Determination of Nitrogen Activity in Fe-Mn alloys.
  3. Construction of Phase Diagrams by Cooling Curves.
  4. Study of Gas Adsorption on Solid Surfaces.
  5. Study of Chemical Reaction Kinetics.
  6. Determination of Diffusion Parameters.
  7. Homework on chemical thermodynamics.

All programs are constructed on game model: the student sets the parameters of an experiment, the program imitates the experiment and the student has to treat the results. From this site you can download demo versions of the programs. They work as commercial versions with one exception: they do not create result files. The programs create some temporary files in directory c:\st\lab*, where * is the number of the laboratory work (if this directory is absent the program tries to create it).