Tutorials on Mass Transport.

Each tutorial consists of a number of worked examples, illustrations and animations on a specific topic. The tutorials are self-contained in the sense that one should be able to complete the tutorials based on the explanations provided therein.

The tutorials engage the student by requiring a number of user-inputs. The user is encouraged to adjust these inputs in order to develop an appreciation for the significance of the various physical parameters involved. Each tutorial contains a number of home-work questions that allows the student to evaluate his/her understanding of the topic.

To run the tutorials you will need MAPLE (version 5 or higher). A brief introduction to MAPLE is provided in Tutorial 1. If you already have MAPLE you may download the appropriate MAPLE tutorials by clicking on the appropriate links below. Those who don’t have access to MAPLE may evaluate the tutorials by viewing the HTML tutorials below.

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For additional information please contact: Prof. Gary Purdy, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, McMaster University.