Books References.

Text books on diffusion published in last fifteen years.

Diffusion in Solids.
Helmut Mehrer
Fundamentals, Methods, Materials, Diffusion-Controlled Processes, 2007, XX, 654 pages, 267 ill., Springer Series in Solid State Sciences, Vol. 155, ISBN 978-3-540-71486-6.

Contents: Fundamental of diffusion. Experimental methods. Diffusion in metallic materials. Diffusion in semiconductors. Diffusion and conduction in ionic materials. Diffusion in glasses. Diffusion along high-diffusivity paths and in nanomaterials.

Leipzig, Einstein, Diffusion.
Jörg Kärger
2007, 208 pages with paintings by Taro Ito, Leipziger Universitätsverlag, ISBN : 978-3-86583-176-7.

Jörg Kärger invites you to take a walk through the city of Leipzig and, simultaneously to become acquainted with one of the most basic phenomena in nature, diffusion. Including the relevant history, they set benchmarks, based on two anniversaries that occurred in 2005 : publication of two seminal papers by A. Fick in 1855 and A. Einstein in 1905. Besides the visit of the city, eight scientific papers offer historical reports and recent developments in the field. In introductory examples, leading experts in the field take care that also beginners are not overstrained. The tour is offered in English and German.

Diffusion in the Condensed State.
J.S. Kirkaldy and D.J. Young
1987, pp. 528, The Institute of Metals, London, ISBN 0-904357-87-2
A Primer of Diffusion Probems.
Richard Ghez
1988, pp. 244, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-84692-9
New edition:
Diffusion phenomena, cases and studies.
Richard Ghez
2001, pp. 316, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Press
Diffusion in Solids.
Paul Shewmon,
1989, pp. 246, second edition, TMS publications, ISBN 0-87339-105-5
Atom Movements, Diffusion and Mass Transport in Solids.
Jean Philibert
1991, pp. 580, English translation by S.J. Rothman, EDPSciences (formerly Les Editions de Physique)
Atomic transport in solids.
A.R. Allnat, and A.B. Lidiard
1993, pp. 572, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-37514-2
Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing.
D.R. Poirier and G.H. Geiger
1994, pp. 658, TMS publications, ISBN 0-87339-272-8
Solutions manual, pp.313, ISBN 0-87339-275-2
Fundamentals of Grain and Interphase Boundary Diffusion.
I. Kaur, Y. Mishin and W. Gust
1995, pp. 512, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-93819 X
Diffusion in Solids, Field Theory, Solid-State Principles and Applications.
Martin E. Glicksman
2000, pp. 472 + CD-Rom, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-23972-0
Mass Transport in Solids and Fluids.
David S. Wilkinson
2000, pp. 292, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-62409-6 (HB) or -0(Pb)
Mathematics of diffusion in semiconductors (in russian).
R.Sh. Malkovich
1999, pp. 390, Nauka, Sankt-Petersburg.
Diffusion in metallen, Grundlagen, Theorie, Vorgänge in Reinmetallen und Legierungen (in german).
Thodor Heumann
1992, pp. 310, Unter Mitarbeit von Helmut Mehrer, Springer Verlag, Berlin.
Fundamentals of grain and interphase boundary diffusion.
I. Kaur, Y. Mishin, W. Gust
1995, pp. 512, Third, revised and enlarged edition, John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Introduction to diffusion in semiconductors.
Brian Tuck
1974, pp. 236, IEE Monograph Series 16, Peter peregrinus Ltd., Stevenage, England, ISBN 0 901223 56 5
Diffusion in semiconductors.
B.I. Boltaks
1963, Translated from Russian by J.I. Carasso Infosearch Ltd., London.
Atomic diffusion in III-V semiconductors.
Brian Tuck
1988, pp. 236, Adam Hilger, Bristol & Philadelphia.
Diffusion, mass transfert in fluid in fluid systems.
E.L. Cluster
1984, Cambridge University Press.

Some collective books, with useful overviews.

Diffusion in Condensed Matter.
Paul Heitjans, Jörg Kärger, editors
Methods, Materials, Models
2005, pp. 966, Springer, -Verlag,
Physical metallurgy.
R.W. Cahn and P. Haasen, editors
fourth, revised edition
1996, pp. 535-668, Vol. 1, Chapter 7 : Diffusion in Metals and Alloys, by J.L. Bocquet, Y. Limoge and G. Brébec.
North Holland/ Elsevier.
Diffusion solid metals and alloys.
pp.747, New Series, group III, Vol. 26, H. Mehrer editor
Contains critical tables of data and a General Introduction on Diffusion (31 pages) by Helmut Mehrer.
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1990
Diffusion in semiconductors and non metallic solids.
Landolt-BörnsteinNew Series
1998, Vol. III-33 Subvolume A: "Diffusion in semiconductors", D.L. Beke editor, Springer, Berlin
Diffusion in semiconductors and non-metallic solids.
Landolt-Börnstein New Series
1999, Vol. III-33 Subvolume B1: "Diffusion in non metallic solids”, Part 1 D.L. Beke editor Springer, Berlin.

Some Text-books on Topics related to Diffusion.

Lectures on the theory of phase transformations.
H.I. Aaronson, editor
2000 , pp. 308, second edition, with several chapters updated, TMS
Les mécanismes de la corrosion sèche, une approche cinétique.
P. Sarrazin, A. Galerie, J. Fouletier
2000, 334 pages, EDPSciences,
Chemical kinetics of solids.
Hermann Schmalzried
1995, pp. 434, VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, Weinheim.
High temperature corrosion.
Per Kofstad
1988, pp. 558, Elsevier Applied Science.
Introduction to high temperature oxidation of metals.
N. Birks and G. H. Meier
1983,.Edward Arnold.
Growth kinetics of chemical compound layers.
V.I. Dybkov
1998, Cambridge International Science Publishing, Cambridge (UK).
Phase transformations in metals and alloys.
David A.Porter, Kenneth E. Easterling
Second edition
1992, Chapman and Hall, London.
Physical ceramics, Principles for Ceramic Science and Engineering.
Yet-Ming Chiang, Dunbar P. Birnie, III, W. David Kingery
1997, pp. 522, John Wiley and Sons.

Some important classical books (probably out of print).

Investigations on the theory of Brownian motions.
Albert Einstein
pp. 122, edited with notes by R. Fürth , translated by A.D. Cowper
Dover Publications, Inc, first published in 1956
replication of the first translation published in 1926 by Methuen and Co.
Kinetic Theory of Liquids.
J. Frenkel
pp. 488, Written in English in Kazan (USSR), 1943
Oxford University Press, 1946
Dover Publications Inc. New-York, 1955.
Diffusion in and through solids.
R.M. Barrer
1951, Cambridge University Press.
Diffusion in solids, liquids, gases.
W. Jost
1952, Academic Press.
Atom movements.
1950, pp. 250, an ASM seminar, Chicago, J. H. Hollomon, seminar coordinator
American Society for Metals, Cleveland, Ohio, 1951.
Academic Press, New-York, 1952.
Conduction of heat in solids.
H.S. Carslaw, J.C. Jaeger
1959, Second edition, Oxford University Press.
The mathematics of diffusion.
J. Crank
1956, First edition
1975, pp.414, Second Edition, (reprinted many times, including paperback edition) Clarendon Press, Oxford.
Diffusion in metallen.
Wolfgang Seith
pp. 306, Platzwechselreaktionen
1955, second edition, revised and enlarged by Theodor Heumann, Springer Verlag, Berlin.
Diffusion in Metals, Parts I and II.
A.B. Le Claire
Progress in Metal Physics, B. Chalamers, ed.
1949, pp. 306-379, Vol. 1, chapter VII
1953, pp. 265-322, Vol. 4, chapter VI
Pergamon Press, London.
Diffusion in metals and solid state alloys (in russian).
S.D. Gerstriken, I.J. Dekhtiar
1963, scow
The chemistry of imperfect crystals.
F.A. Kröger
1964, North Holland, Amsterdam.
1973, Second edition, 3 Vol.
La diffusion dans les solides.
Yves Adda, Jean Philibert
1966, 2 Vol., pp. 1285, Bibliothèque des Sciences et Techniques nucléaires.
INSTN et Presses Universitaires de FranceX
Anelastic relaxation in crystalline solids.
A.S. Nowick, B.S. Berry
1972, pp. 678
Academic Press, New-York and London.
Non stoichiometry, diffusion and electrical conductivity in binary oxides.
Per Kofstad
1972, pp. 382, Wiley Interscience, New-York.
Point defects and diffusion.
C.P. Flynn
1972, Clarendon Press, Oxford.