Crystallography Open Database.


    A site from which you download powder diffraction data that have been collected from a wide variety of materials using a number of different sources.

  3. Cristallographie

    Yves Epelboin WEB page (in French): review of selected materials.
    On trouvera dans ces pages quelques références pour l'enseignement de la cristallographie.

  4. Discussion list of the IUCr Commission on Crystallographic Teaching. Carry out general discussions and information diffusion within the Commission. The archive of teaching-commission is located at:

    Teaching-commission is unmoderated, private and owned by Lachlan Cranswick. Subscribers to the list are limited to the members and consultants of the Commission and those IUCr officials (viz. President, General Secretary and Treasurer, and Executive Secretary) who request membership of the list.


    Crystal Lattice Structures: review of selected materials.

  6. SDPD Internet Course. Link to the SDPD Internet Course (Le Mans University France).

    Learn how to determine a crystal structure from powder diffraction data with experts help. The SDPD (Structure Determination by Powder Diffractometry) Internet Course is accomplished in 10 sessions, exclusively on Internet and asynchronous. Students are expected to work at least 8 hours per week on the documents and exercises sent by e-mail. The diploma is attributed after a final examination consisting in the structure determination of an unknown compound in 2 weeks.


    International Union of Crystallography. The Sincris of IUCr project includes a list of softwares.