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Latest addition.

08/07/10 » An very interesting document on the symmetry written by Jean Philibert La symétrie dans la nature, dans la science et dans l’art (PDF format, 10 MB, in french). Crystallography has triggered a deepening of the understanding of the phenomenon of symmetry. However this concept goes back far in antiquity, and symmetry is omnipresent in Nature, Art and Science.

06/02/08 » Welcome to René Guinebretière who joined the Editorial Committee.

30/01/08 » New links added in the Links page.

14/01/08 » Welcome to Terry Alford, new member of the Editorial Committee.

19/12/07 » New Principal Editor: welcome to Professeur Daniel Chateigner.

01/05/07 » Some content in the Links page and some graphics available for download in the document page.