Submit material.

Anyone can submit some content by contacting a member of the appropriate Editorial Committee. The members of the EC will accept or reject this information. Their choice will be motivated by the compliance of the submitted material with the criteria and standards of this site.

Type of material.

List of collectable documents:

  1. Text Examples.
    Teacher's course, historical document, book or document review/comments, etc. Preferred format: PDF, HTML, RTF or TXT.
  2. Books.
    Reference of published text-books.
  3. Visuals.
    Graphics (animated or still), photographs, micrographs, schematics...
  4. Multimedia documents, videos.
    Document which could include hypertext, graphics, animated graphics, simulations, video files or references of analogic videos.
  5. Numerical simulations of experiments
  6. Softwares.
    Dedicated to teaching orthat can be used as a support to teaching. Texts relating how they are used are welcome.
  7. Links (http address).
    Where objects 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be found.
  8. Distant Learning
    Links to universities or companies offering these services.


To be published, all submitted material must comply with the criteria and standards of this site.

  • Pertinence:

    Every submitted document/object must fall in one or more items of the list above, and must be in close relationship with the subject of thewebsite.

  • Quality:

    The member of the EC checks the quality of the document. All products which are referenced are tested. Members of the EC can ask for the help of an external referee. All members are encouraged to check the contents of the website at anytime, and contact the Principal Editor if they think that an object should be withdrawn.

  • Language:

    All languages are acceptable if a member of the EC is able to read and review it.

  • Format:

    All submission sent must be accompanied by the following information:

    • Type of document,
    • Date of creation,
    • Date of collection,
    • Name of the author,
    • Name of the person who submitted it,
    • Whether or not it is commercial product.

    All comments on the objects are welcomed. For example, a review text for a book or a software. When accepted by the EC members, the information is sent to the TE who will include it in the website.