Purpose Of This Site.

This website is to gather information, links to other websites, and multimedia documents and content to help teachers and students alike to find, share, exchange or buy resources used in materials science. Aiming at being a repository for documents and valuable sites links to complement their lectures and courses and as a source of exercises, this site is also opened to all public and intends to be multi-lingual, though currently it only supports English in its interface.

All the data served on this site is checked by an Editorial Committee which select them for their pertinence and quality. However, the Editorial Committee and the Technical Editor are not responsible for the possible mistakes within external linked documents, bugs in software, and the like.

Who Can Participate.

Anyone can submit some content to be placed on this website. To do so, you must contact the Principal Editor or a member of the Editorial Committee or the Technical Editor (the TE will redirect the message to the appropriate EC). The members of the EC will accept or reject this information. Their choice will be motivated by the compliance of the submitted material with the criteria and standards of this site.

How to Submit Some Content.

Directions regarding what can be submitted and how to submit material can be found in the Contribute page.


Editorial Committees.

One editorial committee is composed for each scientific domain.

Each editorial committee is international: people who join the editorial committee are known for their scientific competence and their interest in teaching rather than their nationality. The committee must have a good coverage of the scientific field and also a good geographic coverage.

Principal Editors.

One principal editor for each scientific field.

The specific role of the PE is to arbitrate between EC members, and to act in concert with the TE and the other EC members in order to develop and/or give to the website new directions.

You can find a complete list of the participating people in the Editors page.

Technical aspects.

Server location.

The server is located in Toulouse, France, and supported by the INPT and one of its engineer school: the ENSIACET.

Website development.

As we develop this website, we try to keep it simple and yet attractive, using up-to-date web technologies that will guaranty future portability while allowing wide present compatibility. XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2 have been currently selected as development standards, and Javascript is used to enhance functionality and user interactivity. Thus we recommend that visitors enable Javascript in their browser's preferences (it usually is enabled by default).

While some incompatibilities might arise with specific browsers (in example, Internet Explorer is well known for its non respect of the W3C CSS recommendations, while more recent version tend to conform better), these are usually not critical but minor cosmetic defect, leaving the content available for all to reach.

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