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Latest addition.

15/02/11 » A 60 slides course on Thermal analysis of materials (pdf document in French). It includes TGA (Analyse Thermogravimétrique-ATG), DTA (Analyse Thermique Différentielle-ATD) and DSC (Calorimétrie Différentielle à Balayage-DSC).

04/08/10 » A few new book references in the Books Ref. page of Thermodynamics and phase transformations.

08/07/10 » An very interesting document on the symmetry written by Jean Philibert La symétrie dans la nature, dans la science et dans l’art (PDF format, 10 MB, in french).

19/01/10 » A new link to some videos and a book reference have been added in Plasticity.

17/06/09 23:52 » A new document Une introduction aux transformations de phases à l’état solide (in French), from Pierre Guyot of the Institut Polytechique de Grenoble has been added and can be downloaded in the Documents page of Thermodynamics And Phase Transformations.

17/12/08 12:27 » Didier Blavette, Principal Editor of Materials Characterization was kind enough to respond to our interview a few days ago.

Didier, what project/research are you currently working on?
At the moment, my researches cover phase transformations in metallic alloys and Materials for microelectronics, in particular Clustering in implanted silicon… Read More…

26/11/08 11:15 » Sélection des matériaux et des procédés de mise en oeuvre : principes, applications et études de cas. A nine parts course (in French) for download in the Materials And Process Selection Documents page.

10/09/08 11:55 » Piobert-Lüders bands propagation at steel yield point: three movies for download in the Mechanical properties of materials Documents page, along with their comments.

01/09/08 9:41 » Two new book references in the High temperature oxidation Book Ref page.

11/06/08 14:29 » Loads of new pictures and documents in the Materials Characterization domain. The content of the document page has been split in three distinctive pages, one for each field: Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission electron microscopy and Atom Probe Tomography.

21/05/08 13:31 » New documents and PDF to download in the Atom Probe Tomography (APT) section of the documents page of Materials Characterization

13/05/08 10:42 » New document: an animation to download, Simulation de l'oxydation à haute température d'une surface monocrystalline d'aluminium in the Documents page of High Temperature Oxidation.

02/04/08 10:51 » New document, Enseigner la metallurgie : par quoi commencer et jusqu’ou aller ? by Yves Bréchet, in the Documents page of General Metallurgy.

02/04/08 10:40 » New document added: Colours with achromatic materials in the Documents page of Physical Properties Of Materials.

17/03/08 11:05 » In Materials Characterization, a new link to the Groupe de Physique des Matériaux in the Link page.

17/03/08 10:45 » A new document: Grain-boundary segregation in an N18 nickel-based superalloy has been added to the Documents page of the domain Thermodynamics And Phase Transformations as well as a link to the Ecole thématique CNRS in the Links page.

10/03/08 13:05 » Some new material in the Documents page of Materials characterization with some graphics to download.

21/02/08 12:11 » A book reference in the Corrosion domain Books Ref. page.

30/01/08 12:45 » New document in Physical Properties Of Materials: Contact induced crystallization of amorphous layers and new links in Crystallography.

17/01/08 10:34 » New document added: Larmes bataviques / Prince Rupert’s drops, in the Physical Properties Of Materials.

14/01/08 13:05 » New list of book references in the Physical Properties Of Materials domain.

03/01/08 09:55 » Happy new year 2008 to all. When you're finished digesting, think of throwing some of your valuable documents to us for posting on this site.

20/12/07 19:17 » New style sheet added to make printing of content more friendly (no more menu and interface elements on your paper copy).

19/12/07 14:16 » In the process of updating and creating the Editors pages as more information becomes available.

06/12/07 10:18 » Visitors have reported an error in the email address generated while trying to join an editorial committee. The problem has been fixed. We ask any who would have tried to send an application without success to re-attempt.

05/11/07 09:51 » Inconsistencies in the capitalization of chemical elements have been fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.

01/11/07 13:55 » New document in High Temperature Oxidation:
Consequence Of Internal Oxidation/Nitridation and Consequences Of Thermal Cycling.